Monday Mantra: I am a Mindful Consumer

As you know, I just moved into a new home. When moving to Boise we brought little with us: a fully equipped kitchen was my most important essential; other than that we have some clothes, books, and our bed. Really, the rest of the apartment is mostly floorboards and carpet at the moment, (my husband is in the garage building us a kitchen table as I type).

As we go into our second week of living in a fairly empty apartment I’ve been tempted to run out to a commercial discount store to buy a quick-fix bookshelf or night stand. The thing about those recognizable stores, though, is that their prices are low, the products are fashionable, but their lasting quality is a couple of years at best.

Instead of filling the house with items that look nice “for now” but will be donated or thrown away in a few years’ time, I’ve made the conscious decision to keep my space mostly empty until I find true pieces that I love. My hope is that by not being in a hurry to fill my space “just because it’s empty,” I will eventually have a home filled with items that I love and have quality lasting time.

As we continue to celebrate December this intention can go a long way. The one challenging part of Christmas is when you purchase a gift just because you feel like you have to. Of course, you can never avoid those situations entirely, but with the intention to shop consciously you can make better purchasing decisions, like choosing locally made products or something edible.

What you spend your money on and what you fill your home with is energy that funnels directly back into your life. When you wait until you find something you truly love or think deeply about what you purchase for others, you are raising your self worth by acknowledging that you have the choice to wait or choose smarter.


I value my time and my money.

I release the need to fill the space.

I buy what brings me joy,

and what serves a greater purpose.

I am a mindful consumer.

Happy shopping… or waiting.