Monday Mantra: I Already Know

I already know. 

Yet, I’m a seeker by nature—always looking for the next answer, and more importantly the next question—though I bet that’s fairly obvious when reading this blog. And I bet your the same. As seekers we are constantly looking for new teachers, thoughts to ponder, and books to read. It’s a fierce curiosity that I cherish and that I believe nurtures our growth as humans and how we interact with the world.

The thing with seeking though, is that we have to remind ourselves, when it comes down to it, we’ve already got what we need. We don’t need to seek because we already know.

What those teachers say is that we’ve already got all of the answers we seek within.And yes, we know that. We’ve been told that and we can feel that every now and again. But in case you need someone to remind you—what I know for sure is that you already know. And so do I. I don’t need to go anywhere to find it.

Though we’re seekers and we always will be, let us focus on nurturing that inner voice within that just knows.

This week I invite you to sit with yourself, maybe with a question you’ve been pondering, or maybe in silence. Sit with yourself and say, “I do not need to be filled up, I am already full, I call forward what is already within.” Then, sit and see what comes up.

But as you sit in your silence also remind yourself, you’re not looking for answers. You’re not looking for your inner self to reveal this big blanket of knowledge. Instead, let the silence and the time trusting in your inner voice to be enough.

You don’t need the answers. To best serve yourself and the world around you—show up. Every day. Show up with your presence and your thirst to learn, apply what you know (even when you don’t know that you know it,) trust in your self and you’ll be just fine.


I do not need to be filled up,

I am already full,

I call forward what is already within.

Have a happy & healthy week.