Monday Mantra: Hey, it’s a Day!

This week’s mantra is simple and straightforward. It’s a reminder to greet the day with gratitude and love. Think about those mornings you wake up when you have a day that you are looking forward to, (your birthday, a celebration, a travel day,) you wake up with an extra burst of excitement to get you through the day. Let’s apply that energy to some of our more mundane days this week. I say this phrase to myself regularly and each time I do I see literal shifts of my perspective and happier events happen in my day and the days to follow.The phrase

Hey, it’s a day!

This short and sweet phrase reminds us that our struggles are not so bad and that each day there is something to celebrate. Say the phrase with a smile on your face for an extra happiness boost.


I am grateful for today. 

Hey, it’s a day!