Monday Mantra: Give it Away

This time of year brings back to school routines and swapping our flops for our booties. Whether you are in your normal routine or in the midst of creating new patterns, fall has come and change surrounds us all.

Change, no matter how big or small, can throw us for a loop. Our adrenal system takes on the access stress of a changing routine and our vata (air element) is increased which can cause our thoughts to grab ahold of us and take us on a journey of worry and anxiety.

Whether you believe in God & the Universe or nothing at all, we can all benefit from releasing ourselves from the everyday fears that can overwhelm. When I get stuck in a repeating pattern of hectic thoughts and insecurities (many times during a time of change), I make the intention to give it away.

When I was sick as a kid my Grandmother would tell me to throw my sickness into the woods behind my house, although my body still needed nourishment, she was helping me not to identify with the feeling of illness and instead learn to be happy and calm despite it. The same goes with fear thoughts.

When I have an overwhelming amount of fear bubbling up I say, “Dear Angels, please take this fear from me so that I may see only the grace of God”. Even if you don’t have a specific relationship with a higher energy you may say, “I give this fear away. It does not serve me. I am free of worry”. Give it a try when those feelings come up this week.


These fear thoughts do not serve me.

I release myself and give them away. 

I am here to be of highest service.