Monday Mantra: I Am Full

We celebrate the change of summer into fall quite well—pumpkin spice everything and apples & cinnamon on repeat. Though sometimes the celebration of the changing of seasons can hit on a deeper need that your inner self is craving and it has nothing to do with indulging on or gaining more.

No matter what time of year it is or what’s going on in my life, when the seasons start to change I go through some form of freak out a little bit.

Sometimes its really obvious, like my closet suddenly is stacked with several impulse buys because I am convinced that I have “nothing to wear” for the upcoming season. (Though, this year I’ve gotten a lot better at that.) Other times, I get fixated on a certain thought or feeling and hold onto it for weeks. It’s my way of coping with the change that’s happening in my external world.

Mindfulness is all about recognizing our tendencies, being honest about them and then adjusting our habits to find a sense of balance once again. What are your tendencies during the changing of seasons?

As the fall season rolls around I find myself wanting to “fill up” on everything. From a to-do list of the best fall outings, to the cutest holiday outfits, and beyond. This pressure comes from myself and my tendencies to try and control change, but it’s also increased by marketing that strategically hits at those changing of seasons growing pains.

So it always goes, once I realize how out of whack my actions are with my mindful intentions I come back to my meditation practice. This week it is all about appreciating the present moment. When you sit still and hone in on the gift that is the present moment the constant need to look forward or to gain more becomes less and less important.

For your mantra this week focus on what it is you do have and if you find yourself feeling the need to “fill up” remember that all you may really need is a deeper breath.


I am full with breath, I am full with intention.

I recognize this very moment as a gift and that is enough. 

Have a happy & healthy week!