Monday Mantra: Focus on What’s In Front of You

When it comes to big life events: a move, a marriage, welcoming a new baby, it’s normal to focus on the big picture. And even in our day to day lives, it’s more common than not to have our focus 10 steps ahead of where we actually are in our situations.

Some call it future tripping. Some call it planning. There’s a place for it. But it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

This week’s mantra invites us to focus on the immediate next step. Though there might be 100 things that you have to do to feel [calm, secure, organized, fill in the blank,] there is power in focusing on the immediate next need and forgetting about the rest (at least, for now).

Here’s a secret: even if you were to do all 100 things in order to feel [your adjective here] — that feeling will likely never be met, at least not fully. You may get relief for a short time, but then another 100 needs will arise and you’ll be in the same cycle.

By focusing on the immediate next step you’re able to channel your energy and focus on that need only. With that type of attention and focus you’re able to nurture that situation as completely as possible.

This gives you more than just a complete task, it gives the situation the nourishment and care it needs so that you can go onto the next step with a deeper sense of knowing and understanding, more prepared than you could’ve been if you were worrying about 100 things at once.

This week, invite yourself to keep your focus on the immediate next step and immerse yourself in it fully. This will help you make the most of what’s in front of you without worrying about what’s to come. The more fully you approach any situation, the more that situation can give you… for your next step, and your next, and your next. Release the worry of what’s to come, embrace what is now.

Release the worry of what’s to come, embrace what is now. I focus and nurture the immediate next step.

Have a happy & healthy week.