Monday Mantra: Fill Me Up Buttercup, (Or Maybe Not).

No matter what time of year it is or what is going on in my life when the seasons start to change I freak out a little bit. Sometimes its really obvious, like my closet suddenly is stacked with several impulse buys because I am convinced that I have “nothing to wear” for the upcoming season. Other times my coping mechanisms are not so obvious to most people. I may become more sensitive or hyper focused on one particular thought that I go over and over in my head for several weeks. Yes, I know this makes me sound slightly crazy but that is what mindfulness is all about: recognizing our tendencies, being honest about them and then adjusting our habits to find a sense of balance once again. 

As this summer season rolls around I find myself wanting to “fill up” on everything. From a to-do list of the best summer outings, to the cutest summer buys, to everything at the farmers market and beyond. This pressure comes from myself and my tendencies toward change but is also increased by the constant images online, in print and on TV to have the best summer vaycay, staycay, picnic, food, or fill in the blank yourself.

So it always goes, once I realize how out of whack my actions are with my mindful intentions I come back to my meditation practice. This week it is all about appreciating the present moment. When we sit still and really hone in on the gift that is the present moment the constant need to look forward or to gain more becomes less and less. For your mantra this week focus on what it is you do have and if you find yourself feeling the need to “fill up” remember that all you may really need is a deeper breath.



I am full with breath, I am full with intention.

I recognize this very moment as a gift and that is enough. 


Happy meditating!