Monday Mantra: Enough with Enough

Myself, my close friends, my most beloved teachers—so many of the people I’ve talked with and listened to describe a constant inner dialogue centered around enough. We do it so much that we don’t even realize how often it crosses our minds.

Think for a moment—how many times have you thought about not having enough so far today?

Not enough sleep.

Not enough clothes to wear.

Not enough downtime over the weekend.

Not enough food in the house for lunch or dinner today.

Not enough love from your partner.

Not enough.

Think about how much energy we expend on a daily basis working toward getting enough. Not only is enough on our minds, but it’s motivating the actions we take as well.

We work so that we’ll have enough money to [buy the clothes, the food, the leisure activities]. We interact with people in a certain way so that we think we’re worth their time—so that we’re enough and worthy of their approval.

As long as enough is motivating our actions then we are letting ourselves believe the lie that we need more than what we have and we will never have enough.


When enough is taking over my thoughts I think about how I like to work with the universe. I like to go toward what’s unknown, I like to choose without fear of what’s around the corner, I like to trust my inner voice instead of the voice of the people around me. I like to work this way because every time I have I’ve been reminded that the universe always meets you where your at. When you act from love you’re given what you need.

At it’s very heart, what those actions I described above do is encourage you to nurture what you already have. When you’ve gambled your last dollar all you’re left with is the clothes on your back and the gumption you have inside you. You’re left with nothing more than what you have, and so you reach down inside and make something with that.

You have enough inside of you to make it to the next step. 

But it’s not every day that your taking that kind of chance. So instead, you rely on what’s around you and because you’re human and this is what we do, you again convince yourself that you aren’t enough.

This week, see if you can nurture what it is you already have. Challenge yourself to reduce the amount of energy you spend on trying to get more and instead expand the reality of what it is that’s already yours.


This week I shine light on my need to have enough.

I nurture what I have

and use my energy not to grow, but to give.

Give love to my minutes,

give life to my surroundings,

and give love to my neighbors. 

Have a happy & healthy week.