Monday Mantra: Encompassing Om

Om, it’s like the gateway drug of chanting. You might hum the word awkwardly along with your yoga teacher at first, but eventually you start to get comfortable with it– maybe you even start to like it. Depending on the background you follow, om can be defined differently. My favorite part of this mantra is the vibrational feel I experience in my body as I vocalize it.

Most people would agree that om is all encompassing. It represents the continuous flow of breath, energy and the universe. It symbolizes unity and oneness. And although it may sound or look as if it only has two letters to pronounce, it actually has four parts.

A – (aah) –

The beginning of om starts with a strong ah sound. This usually begins at the base of the spine and encourages grounding and security.

A light soul starts with a grounded foundation. 

U – auu –

The vibration begins to rise from the base of your spine to the center of your chest. It lights up the center of the body and exudes outward. The oooo sound is said to increase honest communication.

M – mmm –

Traveling from the center of the body up through the throat and to the head, be sure to emphasize the mmm sound as if you’ve just tasted something delicious. This mmm sound brings the chant back inward and recognizes your highest authenticity.


A quiet but important part of this chant that reminds us to slow down and just be.

Om may feel personal at first, but it goes far beyond the self. Om helps us first recognize the sacredness in ourselves so that we can begin to see the same in others. I encourage you to try chanting this a few times to yourself today. Do it at home when nobody is around so you can experiment with the vibrations loud and proud.

As you chant, experience each of the four parts and recognize the quality that each part enhances in your being. Spend the rest of the day nurturing those qualities. As you step into your week, try to encompass what om means in all that you do. When you recognize oneness, daily dramas and disturbances don’t seem so frustrating after all.


I recognize unity.

I recognize oneness.

I recognize you.


Have a happy and healthy week!