Monday Mantra: Empowerment Now

What is empowerment?

Speaking up when you feel called to. Standing your ground to defend your worth. Giving. It can be a lot of things, but to me, empowerment starts with recognizing the now.

To talk about self-empowerment we first have to explore what it looks like when there is a lack of self-power. There is fear, doubt, and denial of those little parts of self that you keep locked away in tiny hidden corners that no one else can see.

When I talk about empowerment and beginning to step into it, I don’t mean you have to take out all of those hidden parts of self and show them to the world.

What I do mean is to claim those parts of you, even if only in silence. Recognize them, because they are part of you too. When you have claimed those inner parts of you, you are free to radiate outward in a way that feels most honest to you—the whole you.

So what does that have to do with now?

When you haven’t yet accepted the whole you, it’s hard to say “yes” to that opportunity that’s at your feet. More importantly, it’s hard to get take the steps toward getting to that opportunity.

Without self-empowerment you are in denial. You are waiting for when, instead of claiming what is here, all the parts that are making up you in this moment.

If you aren’t doing it now, you won’t do it when…

you get the job. lose the weight. make the move.

You will continue to be stopped by fear, doubt, and lack of self-trust. Empowerment comes not from perfection, not from great success; it comes from the dark. It breaks past those dark corners and shines light.

It comes from deep within. It moves past fear, doubt, and old wounds. It’s recognizing the body and the mind at it’s most honest point and shares that honest Self with others because it knows your worth it—and it knows they are too.

If you’ve been working on “standing in your truth,” “speaking your mind,” or “following your heart,” I say, here is to you and your dark corners. Let there be light.


I accept myself.

I shine light in the dark corners.

I see me in my most honest form and I claim it. 

I stand with Self—all parts of Self—

because I am worth it. 

Have a happy & healthy week.