Monday Mantra: For The Empaths

Empaths are hypersensitive. When they see another person in pain, they don’t just sympathize with that person, they take on that pain and try to process it as their own. It’s a beautiful quality. One of intuition, compassion, and love. But empaths can tune in so deeply to another’s distress that it can negatively impact their day to day lives.

An empath can be so sensitive that even a dramatic movie can trigger them. Some perceive that hypersensitivity to be weak, but empaths are strong. They are insightful, kind, and in-tune with what’s going on around them. Empaths are powerful. Their passion for others can help evoke change and bring healing to those around them, as long as empaths know how to best process that information and protect themselves.

I’ve noticed lately, in myself and in my friends, that global news and ingesting that news through so many different media channels has been especially hard and stressful. Of course. You don’t have to be an empath to be compassionate toward the recent current events.

On top of the news, the amount of information we all are exposed to on social media, triumphs and tragedies, is a lot to constantly process. But another person’s struggle is not necessarily your pain to process. And so, the answer seems to be to turn it off. But, specifically for the empath, that simple act of unfollowing or purposely bypassing can feel selfish or cruel.

It’s not that you have to turn it off completely. In fact when it comes to the news, the more awareness the better. Where an empath can improve is by recognizing their trigger subjects and choosing not to engage with them. That means, not diving deep into the emotions of that trigger.

Instead, shut it off, say a prayer, and then take action toward sharing more joy, love, and care.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers Gabrielle Bernstein calls on people to recognize their inner light. She teaches that you cannot step forward fully for other people until you first recognize the light in yourself. This week’s mantra taps into that message.


I step forward not in sadness or hurt,

but in love and light. 

I see love and light in myself.

I see love and light in you.


PS. Empaths are drawn to mantras, mindfulness and meditation — which naturally makes a lot of Guru readers empaths. Wednesday’s content will be dedicated to the empaths too. See you then!

Have a happy and healthy week,