Monday Mantra: Embrace Imperfection

Over the weekend Shauna and I sat down to discuss Good Morning Guru on our friend’s podcast, (more to come on that in the weeks to follow). A theme that continued to show up throughout the hour was how we continue to embrace imperfection in our everyday lives. Imperfection was a large part of the philosophy Shauna and I drew up when we first began this blog and to this day I see it as a key component to happiness. I thought this would be a good time to revisit our thoughts on imperfection, specifically during January’s overhaul on habits and resolutions. 

I see one big problem with our view on imperfection, in an ode to Western beliefs on achievement, imperfection has begun to be synonymous with laziness. Oh god does this drive me crazy. To be clear, I am not advocating for half-realized goals, I am in the business of self-improvement after all. The problem is that imperfection is bound to happen in all that you do, and if you see that as a negative you will never get past the first few weeks of a project, resolution, or dream. Like I said, this is a theme that we talk about regularly on this blog, because we see it as a very important attitude to have when leading a balanced life.

Imperfection in self. Inside and outside embrace your areas that could use improvement and the areas that will never improve. In all instances, it’s your self-acceptance that will keep you full throughout your days.

Imperfection in goals. As a go-getter it’s important to relax around your goals and manifestations. To take this lesson deeper, study the yogic principle of vairagya, non-attachment.

Imperfection in others. In instances when another has hurt you, this can be challenging. Remember, we are all interconnected.

When you release the need to be perfect, you give yourself the space to be you. When you embrace yourself fully, you are able to experience a deeper sense of happiness that soars beyond superficial distractions.


I see imperfection as strength. 

When I embrace imperfection, 

I move forward with happiness, stamina, and acceptance. 

Have a great week!