Monday Mantra: Drop the Defense

When I’m feeling stressed or out of control my guard goes up and I plan for battle.

Suddenly everyone is out to challenge my sense of security. I question my relationships, my work, and hyper-examine the actions of everyone around me because I’m convinced that they—in some way or another—are out to get me.

Paranoid? Dramatic? Totally. That’s what giving into the ego does to us.

The thing is, though I focus my energy externally on other people, my stress has nothing to do with them. Sure, they may be players in the situations that are stressing me out. I may feel insecure that I haven’t spent enough time on my friendships or I have a certain amount of pressure at work, but the real problem is that I’ve lost trust with the universe.

So what does it look like to lose trust with the universe?

  • You’re focused on not having enough money
  • Or not knowing what to do about a future scenario
  • You’re worried a friend or a colleague is mad at you
  • You swear you hear people talking behind your back
  • You think your work is being criticized
  • You think people don’t notice the small gestures you do for them
  • You feel judged by acquaintances
  • You’re comparing yourself to others and you think you’ll never have it as good as them
  • You don’t feel valued (though if you were to really step back and look at it, you know that you are)

The examples above are just manifestations of the real problem. The real battle you’re fighting is with the universe. The root of the problems above might be:

  • You’re stuck in lack mentality—you never feel like you have enough and you don’t believe there’s enough to go around for everyone
  • You think your current situation is the end all be all and you don’t see room for improvement
  • You think there are no opportunities for you
  • You think you’ve gotten the best you’re going to get and you won’t get that lucky again
  • You don’t trust that you’ll be taken care of if you take a leap of faith
  • You’re too focused on failure

When I start focusing on the problems above I know I’ve forgotten to trust that I will be taken care of when I make decisions that are aligned with my soul’s mission. I’ve forgotten that the universe puts out her safety net and catches me as long as I make the first leap into the unknown.

Trying to control scenarios is the opposite of trusting the universe. You don’t believe that you’ll be taken care of so you spend your time obsessing on how to “win” every single fake argument in your head so that you can be 100% certain that you will be “okay.” We can never be 100% certain, and that’s the beauty of life, that’s the beauty of working with and aligning with the universe.

This week’s mantra is here to remind you to put down your defenses. Stop preparing yourself for battle. That’s wasted energy. The next time you feel stressed, stop focusing your attention on the external and instead start doing practices that help you align yourself back with the universe. Go into nature, do a creative project, sit in meditation.

You are taken care of. 

You don’t have to figure anything out. 

Align with faith.

Align with your present moment. 

You will be taken care of.

I see all the possibilities in the universe

and I trust they will be available to me

when I need them to be. 

Have a happy & healthy week!