Monday Mantra: Don’t Save It

You are a creative person.

You may have read that and said, “hell yes I am.” Or, you laughed to yourself and said “oh no, that’s not me.” We tend to use creativity as a label, as if some of us are and some of us aren’t, but in actuality all humans are creative. Our brains are developed that way. This week’s mantra speaks to a certain level of creativity, or for that matter, the lack of creativity and the urge we feel to save our creativity instead of to share it.

Do you ever find yourself with an idea but instead of letting it out you keep it hidden? Like if you were to share this excellent idea you’d never have an excellent idea again? Maybe for you it hasn’t been on that large of a scale, but I bet you put things away instead of sharing them a lot more than you think. Saving things for later comes from a feeling of lack and fear.

If you let your creativity out as it comes, when it comes, your creativity will only grow. As you give life to your ideas you are living in the moment. You are embracing the present instead of letting fear keep you in the past or drag you into a made up future. Even more so, acting on your creativity in the moment helps you move forward without judgement.

I should point out, when I say creativity I don’t necessarily mean a tangible piece of art. It could be. But your creativity can come in so many different forms. Your creativity can let you see several different outcomes to a situation instead of the one you might be being pushed toward by somebody else. Your creativity can manifest into a new way of looking at something or in the words you wish to say to a friend. Your creativity is always in you and as you let it out you build a deeper trust in your inner voice.

This week, embrace your creativity in all forms. Don’t save it for a rainy day. Don’t keep it from others because you are afraid. Let it out. It will fulfill you. It will give your inner voice life.


I don’t operate based on fear.

I trust in my ability to create and create again.

I let it out.

And, without judgement, I am proud.