Monday Mantra: You Don’t Have to Like It

Isn’t this photo beautiful? Don’t I look peaceful?

I cried almost the entire way up this mountain. It was super steep and I was miserable. Until I was reminded of one thing — you don’t always have to like it, to like it.

I’ve come accustomed to making situations comfortable for myself. My yoga practice can be hard at times, but the hard parts never last long. When it comes to physical activity, I’ve always preferred not to push myself. Lucky for me, I’ve never had to push myself too hard to be on the healthier side.

So on a beautiful Saturday, when my husband decided to take our nature walk straight up a mountain, I was pissed. Why can’t I just walk along a pretty river and be peaceful? Why do my legs and calves and thighs have to burn? His response: why not? You have the legs, the calves, the means to do this… why not take the trip that for a short time is not a peaceful walk in the park but in the long run benefits your body, and your mind? (and in this case… it benefited my blog, too.)

To me this was a big revelation. Maybe to you it’s not. You might be a pain is gain type of person… I never have been. At least physically. But yet again, I was reminded to feel it. To be uncomfortable. To lean into the unpleasant. For something to benefit you, it doesn’t have to be good all of the time. You might not like it for a while, but you might be reminded that once it’s over you like the benefits quite a bit.

This week, if you feel stuck or frustrated about an unpleasant situation– ask yourself, is there something to gain?



I am always alright. 

Even when I am not. 

The mindful person in me,

continues to move forward

even when I don’t want to.

I don’t have to like it, to see the like in it. 

Happy Monday!