Monday Mantra: I Choose Love

“Choose love over fear”. It’s a saying that rolls off the tongue so easily that its meaning can quickly get lost in the share-worthy essence of its four words. Despite its overuse, “choose love over fear” is a powerful mantra and one I’d like us to reclaim in this week’s mantra.

First of all, I am careful to use love in weekly mantras– mostly because what love means to me could be very different than what it means to you. For the purposes of this week’s mantra, we’ll define love as the opposition to fear. This week, our love refers to trust, strength and honesty to self.

When you choose love, what you are actually doing is refusing to choose fear. There are always two ways to look at a situation: in fear of what will happen if, or with hope for growth and understanding. A favorite author of mine, Gabrielle Bernstein, talks about this a lot. She once used the example of a fight with your spouse, “we can interpret the fight as another reason to consider divorce, or we can choose to see it as a powerful opportunity to learn and grow stronger as a couple”.

To be clear, choosing love does not mean that you have to look at every situation through rose colored glasses. It does not mean that every choice is the one that offers the most positive initial outcome.

It means that you aren’t focusing on what won’t happen or could happen if you go down a certain path. It means you trust in yourself, in the Universe, or in God to keep you on the path that best suits your needs as opposed to counting on the false security of a traditional path or stale way of thinking.

When you choose love, you are brave. You are not hiding from fear, you are taking action in spite of it. And that is where the beauty of life unfolds, miracles happen, and peace exists.


I am brave.

I am honest with myself.

I trust. 

I choose love over fear.