Monday Mantra: I Check-In

Have you ever been to a yoga class where the teacher begins by asking you to “check-in” with yourself? This week’s mantra will do the same.

Yes—this week I am asking you to take a minute out of your morning and check-in. Do you feel anxious? Happy? Neutral? Whatever it is, the 5 seconds it took you to check in has left you with more self awareness to start your day.

But what makes that 5 second self awareness check different than what you do most mornings when you wake up? For this check-in, you wont’t try to define your feelings. You aren’t going along with the story. You won’t check-in, notice you’re tired, and then begin to spiral into the story of what a day looks like when you start out tired.

Instead, you’ll check-in, notice that you’re tired, and then keep going. Not past the feeling, but along side of it. What I mean is—self awareness is not about feeding into your feelings, it’s about noticing your habits.

When you have a strong sense of self awareness, you tend to take things with a grain of salt. You aren’t focused on the drama surrounding how you feel, but instead you are witnessing the millions of places your mind wants to take you in any given moment and then learning from that.

A yoga teacher asks you to check-in because it’s a good way to bring attention to the body and the mind, two things that are easy to look past among a lot of movement and a busy schedule. Checking-in during weekday mornings does the same. It takes the attention off of what you have to do—even for a minute—and roots you back into self-connection. Even just a little bit of self-connection can help you feel lighter, more aware, and easeful. (I swear, just try it.)

The trick to “checking-in” is to just observe, without judgement or definition.

When you are self aware you are more likely to let the little things go. In addition, you’re able to do that with others as well. A self aware person has humility and an appreciation for the human experience. Let us all be more self aware this week.


I am aware of my feelings but they don’t control me.

I listen, observe, and learn.

And sometimes, I do none of the above

and I learn from that, too.

My intention is to be more self aware.

Have a happy and healthy week.