Monday Mantra: Body, I Haven’t Forgotten You

Hey body, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Mostly on this blog I talk about health of the mind. I observe the ups and downs of ego, personality, and self-talk and try to learn lessons from those observations. But hey—what about the body? Without this body carrying me through my day I wouldn’t have very much to observe.

So often I find myself taking advantage of my body. I give into a bad day by having a glass or two of wine. I eat bread and cheese even though I know I have a hard time digesting it. I don’t prioritize movement as much as I should.

For the record, I am all about the bread and cheese and wine (trust me!), and I think it’s super important to veg on the couch when you feel like you need it. What I’m talking about above is those moments when I let my emotions or schedule take over and I don’t prioritize the needs of my physical body.

For how much attention we give to our bodies—how they look, what we dress them in—that attention often serves the external self, the self that we show other people. What we could use more of—what I could use more of—it attentive care. Care that comes from a deep sense of love and gratitude.

What that looks like for me right now is a diet that nurtures the ailments I’ve been ignoring. It’s a couple of special “me time” trips to a wellness center and a Reiki master. It’s going to sleep and whispering ‘thank you’ to everything that is going on underneath the surface to take care of me, mostly without my knowledge.

It’s listening. It means standing up for what my body needs when a tired evening or a busy day may otherwise make it easier for me to ignore it.

This week, I invite you to turn your caring attention to your body. Not attention on the external. Not attention with judgement. Instead, caring attention. What has your body been telling you it needs lately?

It might not be easy. It might be telling you that you should call head to a certain health care provider or stay away from your favorite late-night snack. Or, it might be telling you that you need that damn late-night snack and to stop worrying so much about it.

Maybe you need to amp up your discipline, or relax around the edges. I am by no means telling you which it is or advocating for anything specific—all I wish for you is to invite caring attention into your body with love, respect, and gratitude—and let your body (not your emotions or your ego) tell you what to do for it today.

Body, thank you. 

I will treat you with respect. 

I will listen to you. 

Have a happy & healthy week.