Monday Mantra: Beyond “Yes”

“Say yes to life experiences,” I heard Oprah say while watching Super Soul Sunday this past weekend. Oprah’s comment is (obviously) dead on, but what troubles me is how that statement, if taken at face value, can be sucked into a bigger problem in modern mindfulness practices. “Say yes to life experiences,” It’s a generic comment, yet profound enough to be shared thousands of times on the big screens (our computers) and the small screens (our phones). We want to say “yes;” it’s associated with positivity and positivity is the glue that holds the mindful practice together, right? Not so much.

As the popularity of spiritual conciseness grows, so does misconception. The greatest misconception I see to date is the bandaid we slap on situations in the name of positivity. Somewhere amongst self help books and affirmations we’ve adopted the notion that a mindful person is a chronically positive person. Or better yet, that being positive automatically makes you happy. It’s an easy attraction, who doesn’t want more positivity in their life? Yet, constantly being positive about a situation is also avoidance which hinders understanding and growth.

We all want to say “yes” to situations when they are positive scenarios that make us feel good, but what about when they are lackluster or difficult? Saying “yes” to life experiences means embracing the dull, challenging and less ideal moments of life, too. This week, as you find yourself navigating your daily grind, pay attention to the lessons you can take from your mundane moments. Saying “yes” means diving fully in to experience the good and the bad of your current situations.


I acknowledge this moment.

Like it or not,

I surrender to each experience.

My full attention in this situation

is my teacher first

and then my power. 

Have a great week!