Monday Mantra: Beyond the Shit-Storm

Happy Monday! This week’s mantra is short and simple: do you feel like you are in a shit-storm? That’s fine, before you know it you won’t be.

In my twenties I put a lot of my time and energy into the future, I was always looking for what was next around the corner and how much happier I’d be because of it. On one hand that was good, I got really comfortable with change and never felt complacent. On the other hand, I was in a constant search for something I could not grasp.

Looking back at the way I used to operate I realize where I went wrong. I was placing my self worth in scenarios rather than simply in Self. I spent a lot of time dissecting situations, defining what my roles meant to my worth, and thinking that once I got to a place of happiness things would just simply stay that way forever.

One thing I am happy to accept now is the impermanence of situations. Through meditation and my mindfulness practice I have found a calm in knowing that it’s not situations that define my worth. This helps me be grateful for what I have and accept the things I don’t like.

Here is where the shit-storm comes into play. It will pass, it always does. The less emphasis you put on your situations and the more you focus on fostering deeper connections with yourself and those around you, the less important a specific scenario becomes. Not happy now? You will be. And then you won’t be again. The cycle will continue on and on, but your personal self love is your constant.


I am not defined by one moment in time.

It is as it is.

My connection to love is my only constant

and I find peace in that. 

Have a great week!