Monday Mantra: Abundance Debunk

If you’re thankful, you’ll have more abundance in your life. Or so they say.

On this week of giving thanks, I want us to reflect on the notion above and see if we can give ourselves a little more context around what that really means.

For me, the term abundance has become a bit loaded. On one hand, it’s beautiful—its notion is alluring and let’s be honest, it rolls right off the tongue.

On the other hand, it’s used so frequently in the wellness world as a hook to get you to read, follow, or buy that I think its meaning has become a bit muffled.

Do this, think that, and you’ll be abundant.

Where I see so many of us (myself included) get tripped up is in the promise of doing one thing to get the other. The focus is still on a material—it hints to the face that you still need to “get” something. Instead, what we have to do is lift the veil of material focus that the small self wants to hang onto and realize that there is nothing for us to have at all.

There’s a lingering tone of control. Like if we can be really good at being thankful then we’ll most certainly have everything we want and need.

For me—thinking about being abundant or even giving thanks for what I already have doesn’t do much. I have to do acts of service, remove tv and social media to spend quality time with my family, and most importantly sit in silence and reflect on the interconnectedness of our world. That’s where I see abundance: opportunities to connect and see our lack of separateness.

This week, I invite you to release your small self’s tendency to want to control. Instead of trying to find thankfulness for everything you have, just spend time enjoying those things for no other reason than that’s what makes up your life in that moment and that’s where your opportunities are to find love.

I release my control of thankfulness. 

I spend my time seeing opportunities

for love by engaging in every moment. 

Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your week!



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