Mindful Purchases: List of Life Enhancers

I am fully aware that this post is not groundbreaking or mind-blowing, but I thought I’d share this simple tool I’ve adopted to help me purchase mindfully. And so enters, my “List of Life Enhancements”.

I have to say, I’ve done a great job since living in my new home not purchasing unnecessary, (or even necessary,) objects that I can live without. So much so that I am still living in a fairly empty space. And on the flip side of buying too much, in the name of simplicity, I think I’ve actually become scared to make any purchases at all.

A lover for to-do lists, I’ve started making my “List of Life-Enhancers”. Wording it this way has helped me stay in the mindset of simplicity, while mindfully making purchases that add value to my life. As a former over-buyer I used to get distracted from items that would add value to my life and instead opt for the first shiny thing that caught my eye.

A few things on my life enhancement list right now…

  • Cloth napkins, made from scrap linen
  • Seagrass tote to keep by the door for recyclables
  • In search of a couch, this is a big one… but if not on the list, I probably wouldn’t be saving for it
  • A nightstand to replace the yoga mat-block combo currently hosting my phone at night
  • A real alarm clock so that I can ditch the phone next to my bed

To me, this list a small set of manifestations, little (and some big) things that I know will bring use to my household and a smile to my face.

Happy listing!