Mindful Preparation: The Year of You (Or Not)

A few years back, my best friend proclaimed, “This is going to be the year of me!” And you know what? She was right. That year I watched as she grew her career, moved to another city, and built a life that felt aligned with her goals. At the end of that year she excitedly said to me, “Holly, this year is going to be the year of you!” My reply? No, it’s not.

My response was not based on negativity or self-deprecation, I just knew that I wasn’t yet in my final steps of realizing a goal, I was still in a time of mindful preparation. When she found success that year, it wasn’t because she merely wanted to, it was because she had spent years of mindful planning and developing to align her skills with her goals. 

What The Resolution Really Means

This week you are bound to come across articles and news segments about resolutions: the most popular ones, how to set your own, and stats on how many people actually achieve them.

I believe resolutions are great, I make them several times a year, but where people get caught up is when they focus too much on the “success” of their resolution. When you set a resolution, or manifestation, you must take the appropriate steps toward that manifestation, sometimes those steps include overcoming mental blocks or healing old wounds and that can take months or years. Just because you cannot physical measure your success does not mean you have totally abandoned your manifestation.

To best develop your goals take note of these three steps toward a lasting resolution. What step are you going into this year?


To truly conquer a resolution you must first understand the feeling behind that want. What emotional need are you trying to meet with this material item? You have to truly believe that you are worthy of the success that is your resolution realized. To understand the feelings behind your desires try a journal practice, meditation or one-on-one coaching.


Once you are mentally aligned with your desires, it’s time to take action. Again, this step can take years, that’s ok. Learn your craft, find role models, and enjoy the process of preparing for your success.


When you are mentally aligned and have acquired the skills you need to meet your goal, it’s your year. Achieve, but revel in the thought of knowing that it came from a long process of mindful preparation.

This week your mantra is up to you. Set your resolutions and be gentle with yourself as you go forth to meet them, (but remember some grit and kick ass mentality can be sprinkled in there, too).


This is our only post this week as it’s important to us that we as a community have the time to stay present, quiet and reflective as we celebrate an incoming year. Here is to you in 2017! And to us, too! Check back on January 2nd, we are excited to share fresh content with you in the new year.


Holly & Shauna