Mindful Morning: The I Wants

Think about it for a second. How many times in the day do you find yourself saying, “I want that”? From a new body oil, to a summer dress, a type of relationship or a new house. How many times do you catch yourself in the “I want” mindset? If you are anything like me, the answer is a lot.

Let me second this statement by saying, this shouldn’t be a shameful question. It’s just the reality of living a modern life in a modern world. (… and we are material girls– sorry, I couldn’t help it!) We want things. But our awareness of wanting those things and how we let that impact our day to day lives is part of living mindfully. Here are a few ways to look at your “I wants” from a mindful lens. 

I recognize.

The “I wants” are not such a bad thing. Manifestations, goals, and even material successes drive us to reach new grounds and find deeper parts of ourselves. You can reach material success without being on a mindful path, but when you find material success through a mindful path chances are you are more aligned with those successes, aware of their sustainability for you and the planet, and are able to appreciate them in a whole new way.

When you recognize your “I wants” as goals catapulting you forward you have the chance to strengthen your inner belief system and bring awareness to your material choices. You can also recognize when the “I wants” are driving you too much into a materialistic way of looking at things.

I have.

We all are going to want things, it’s natural. But it’s especially healthy when your “I haves” succeed the wants. Always root back down to love and gratitude.

I am.

A mantra for those times when that “I wants” get a bit out of control. “I am whole without need for superficial affirmation”.