Mindful Manifestation: Hold On Loosely

As I wrote here, one of the key components to manifestation is the ability to hold an intention close, without gripping onto it for dear life. Although seemingly simple, when you really want something it’s hard to loosen your grip. Manifestation is more than just wanting something to happen. To refine your skills in letting go, here are a few things to look at deeper.

Excess | Almost as if it were a survival instinct we tend to stand guard our manifestations as if it were our freshly caught prey. The fiery attitude that comes from longing for your manifestation can trigger your body to be in “fight” mode causing extra stress or excess weight gain. Notice if you seem to be more anxious or irritable than normal, this could be a sign that you are holding onto something too tight.

Security | Although you may think what you want is a physical item, truthfully it’s the feeling that lies behind that item that you are really searching for. Maybe you think you want to sell your home. Of course, you want the house sold, but what you truly are searching for is the new beginning that will come from buying a new home. The physical item or action that you want is your mind craving a sense of security to heal an underlying insecurity.

Action | That brings us to action. Although it’s important to take steps toward the physical item you are manifesting, that can be hard when that manifestation is at standstill and you have no control over it. Let’s stick with the example of selling your house. You may have done everything you can to sell it: listing, staging, photographing, and now you are just waiting for the right buyer. In the mean time, you can take steps toward healing the insecurity behind the physical item.

Prayer | Prayer and inner work is what it all comes down to. Sit down with your journal or on your meditation cushion and breathe. Ask for guidance, healing, and patience. Whether you manifestation comes to fruition or you are brought down another path, if you continue to focus on healing the insecurity behind the material item, you will find the change that you truly need.