Mindful Eating Practice

An old teacher of mine taught me this mindful eating exercise—I try to incorporate it into meal time 2-3 times per week. Every time I do it I feel strongly nurtured and fulfilled from my meal.

Mindful Eating Technique – The Entire Experience

This technique focuses on the past, present, and future of the food experience you are in at that moment.

It starts with sight.

The moment you sit with your plate in front of you, take in the sight of the food. Beautiful or not—take it in with awareness. This helps slow down the process of consuming to welcome yourself into your food experience.

Next, for me this happens during my first bite, imagine the journey the food has taken before it has gotten to your plate.

That food has had its own journey that is worth recognizing because almost indefinitely, that food had an impact on someone else’s life before it did yours. Maybe there was suffering—the truck driver who was away from his family to get the box of crackers to the store. Maybe it was celebrated—the sale of the apple helped a family pay their bills that week. Recognizing the journey your food has had before it has gotten to your plate is a reminder that our food choices go far beyond ourselves; the interconnectedness of all living things.

Next, taste without distraction of television or conversation.Simply taste and experience, a practice of the present moment.

Last, once the meal is over, sit. Soak in the experience of your food instead of eating and forgetting about it. Bonus, this helps with digestion too.