Meditation Through Movement: I Bow To You

The yoga practice should be one of presence. Sometimes that means you focus on staying in the moment, witnessing your breath, your movement, and your surroundings. Other times that means, directing the energy you are cultivating through your practice toward something that elevates your consciousness and encourages mental and physical growth.

Monday night as I practiced yoga with a room full of bodies I had a striking moment where I recognized the person in front of me. I didn’t actually recognize her, I actually don’t know her at all. What I recognized was her presence, her being, her humanness, just as my own, she was there just as I was there too.

Most of the time the yoga practice is personal, whether you practice at home or in a room full of people, it’s a private practice. But as the magic of yoga goes, as we open up to ourselves with more honesty and acceptance we begin to see that same light in strangers.

What that moment during my yoga class on Monday reminded me was that we are all the same. The qualities I don’t like in people are just a reflection of the qualities I don’t like in myself. And more so, the people I see and admire reflect the qualities I see or want to see in myself.

The practice

I encourage you to bow to a stranger this week. I mean not actually bow, but you know… internally. Whether in a yoga class or walking down the street, make a point to recognize someone. This doesn’t have to be intense, in fact it shouldn’t be. Let it be brief, a mere moment of acknowledgement for your sameness and then move on with a deeper sense of connection to the human experience.