Mantra Sprinkles Throughout Your Day

Mantras aren’t just something I write every Monday, when it comes to my day to day routine, mantras and spirituality are weaved into it all. These habits are my personal ways to connect to myself throughout the day. However “woo-woo” they may feel, I encourage you to be open. It’s not necessarily about the actual thing I do, it’s about how I’ve found little ways to bring a smile to myself throughout each day. 

  • A mantra as your passwords. Simple mantras like “Ilookgood” for the login to my gym account or “Ivegotthis” as the password to my work computer are mini reinforcements that keep my mind right when I might be feeling off.
  • A mantra by my bed. Or on your mirror. Or in your wallet. Or…. anywhere. My teacher Kathryn talks about how she sometimes writes sharpie messages to herself on her bathroom mirror so she has a loving reminder to read as she gets ready in the morning. I stash little mantras everywhere, I love stumbling on them throughout my day.
  • My phone alarm. I set a recurring alarm on my phone calendar that goes off daily with a sweet message to myself. Even though I know it’s coming, it’s still a fun surprise when my phone lights up with my favorite mantra.
  • Parking Angels. I do this all of the time. As I pull into a crowded parking lot or busy city street I say out loud, “parking angels I love you, please help me find a quality parking spot quickly and safely.” It never fails and if anything else, it makes me smile.
  • Crystals everywhere. Just like the mantra I keep in my wallet or by my bed, I keep a few stashes of crystals around my car, in my drawers and on my shelves. Again, it just brings me a smile.

I hope these little routines give you inspiration to add your own spiritual sprinkles into your day.