My Latest Wellness Obsessions

A few of the new wellness habits I’ve added to my routine as of late.

No Bra.

Okay, not completely, but anytime I can (after work hours, over the weekend,) I’ve decided to go braless. This helps my lymphatic system properly do it’s job, but even more so it’s given me a sense of empowerment in my body. When I do wear a bra, I’ve started going free of underwire. This is my favorite right now.

Natural Deodorant.

It took me a long time to get on board with natural deodorant but this one has helped me finally make the transition easily.

Natural Fabrics.

Slowly but surely I am transitioning my clothing and undergarments to natural fabrics sans artificial dyes. It will take me a long time to have a fully sustainable wardrobe, but it’s been fun trying. On the same note, this has also helped simplify my closet making it easier to organize, pack, and get dressed in the morning.

Shea butter.

I’ve ditched my usual lotions and have decided to go straight for the shea butter, it’s simple, clean and oh-so nurturing for my bod.

Castor Oil.

I’ve been using this on my eyebrows and eyelashes to promote full, healthy growth.


I’ve been loving tocos in my coffee, it’s rich and creamy and gives a nice boost to my morning cup. Also, I try to sprinkle this, this and this, anywhere I can. Even if I indulge in unhealthy treats throughout the day, I know that keeping these items in my regular routine is what’s keeping me balanced.

Really, these new habits aren’t as much about the products but more about the overall mindset. It’s streamlined, simple and is focusing on embracing my body for where it is right now as opposed to trying to change or hide what doesn’t feel “ideal.”

I think it’s important with any routine to re-evaluate your habits every once in a while. For a long time, my beauty habits have been the same. Making these shifts has been a fun way to get in touch with my body and needs as they are right now. I encourage you to do the same.