Your Inner Compass

Creative living – when we make choices based on our inner compass as opposed to from a set of rules of life we were taught as kids. I’ve gotten pretty good at following my inner compass but one of the hardest struggles I find in choosing to live creatively is justifying my decisions to others.

Self Depreciating

When we tell a friend or family member a life decision we’ve made that goes against that of which is said to be “normal,” it’s common to be met with that awkward 1/2 smile I mentioned above. As sensitive people pleasers it is easy to get caught up in that look of worry from a friend and instead of defend our choices we walk down the path of fear with them. We say things like: “I know it’s crazy but,” or “yeah we’ll see,” which is usually followed by an eye roll. We begin to self depreciate our decisions to save face and not be judged as “wild” or “foolish” by people we love and respect.

There are two things wrong with following our friend down that fear path. Even if we are doing it merely just to placate them, we are inviting that energy of fear and distrust into our plans. Most importantly though, we are justifying our friend’s fear, giving them permission to continue thinking in a way that values outward success over inner happiness.

Rationalizing & Manifesting

When we live creatively we are moving in full trust with the universe. We are not making choices based on safety or familiarity but instead making choices despite those things in hopes that we will end up happier and more fulfilled. When moving from your inner compass you are going toward something that feels right while leaving room for the unknown to develop and teach you. The problem with trust in the unknown is that it is hard to rationalize and even harder to explain to someone else.

Our hopes and dreams, what guides our inner compass, are sacred and can be hard to explain to another, even those closest to us. Our inner compass is not something that can be explained or rationalized, so we have to stop trying to do so.

Next time you are met with the head tilt and crinkled nose, stand firm in your choice. The strength you show in standing by your decisions sends a message that you do trust in the universe and the power of the unknown. Your conviction to live creatively is what helps make you the friend that your friends know and love.

Here is to our inner compass and authentic happiness!