Honoring The Season’s Change

Last night we celebrated of one of the biggest fall milestones—Halloween—inching us closer to the end of the fall season. As more leaves hit the pavement and the nights turn cooler, I’ve began to reflect on cycles.

Holidays, changes in temperatures, sunlight hours all help us recognize change in our external worlds. Internal changes are harder to recognize. In fall, the leaves change and we celebrate the trees and the joy they brought us during the warmer months. We mourn the death of the summer sunlight as we duck into our homes—cozy and warm—earlier in the day than we did just a few months prior.

When an internal cycle ends we have no such milestone, no external change to hold onto. Nothing to signal change in the body and mind.

Here is one of my favorite meditations to practice to honor the end of a cycle.


Honoring the Cycle 

Your meditation practice offers an  outlet to honor the season’s change and the metaphor that fall represents; a time of inner reflection and respect for all that has finished its cycle.


Sit in a comfortable seated position. Picture yourself underneath a beautiful tree. The sun hits your face and warms your body. The tree’s leaves are filled with gorgeous colors of yellow and orange and red and you start to notice the leaves peacefully falling off the tree. As the tree becomes bare you bow your head in recognition of the beauty that was the tree and the natural process it has completed.

Next, still with a smile on your face, hold the image of you now under the bare tree surrounded by its fallen leaves, think of a cycle you have recently finished. Maybe it’s a relationship that has ended, a habit you have broken or are starting to break, a story that has come to an end. Hold that situation in your heart. Thank it for what it has taught you, honor it and let it pass.

You have now created room for the next situation to grow.