Guru Mind: I Don’t Have An Inner Voice

Almost every week I refer to “your inner voice,” but what does that actually mean? It’s a deep sense of self-value, taking action that honors that value, and constantly pushing against societal norms. At least, that’s where my inner voice guides me.

Mostly people are open to the message of their inner voice or inner guidance system, but on occasion I have people say to me “I don’t have an inner voice,” or even more, “I don’t know what it sounds like.”

Your inner voice can be loud. It can be a force that is so strong within you that you have no choice but to follow it. It can. Though most usually it’s subtle. It’s not necessarily heard by tuning deep within. Here are a few ways that your inner voice is likely manifesting in your day to day life, potentially without you even realizing it.

It’s Actually You

Do you have a friend that you always turn to? She seems to say just what you need to hear when you didn’t know you needed to hear it. She’s not reading your mind. She’s not more in tune with you than you are with yourself. She’s a mirror for you. Her words strike you—not because she’s wise and you’re not—but because she’s vocalizing something that you’ve already recognized inside but haven’t been able to put into words. She’s helping you bring your inner voice to the forefront of your conscious.

You Unhappy

In moments when you’re feeling unhappy, uninspired, or dull that’s your inner guidance system in physical form. You are feeling those ways likely because you’ve been ignoring a part of yourself. When you ignore that voice internally, your external world reflects that. Moments when you’re upset are gifts that show you what you don’t want so that you can begin to create what it is that you do want.

You Happy

Again, just like above, your outer world reflects your inner world. You are feeling happy and fulfilled because you are listening to yourself. Use cues from your external world to help you understand what you’re inner voice is guiding you toward or away from.

Your inner voice. It’s loud. It’s subtle. It’s there.