Good Morning Gurus!

Good morning! Thank you to the Guru readers for your support and celebrations yesterday. I can’t wait for you all to see what both Shauna and I have on the horizon as we split off into our different fields. Although she won’t be a regular contributor on GMG, I will definitely be keeping our readers in touch with what she has going on. As far as this blog goes, I’ve never had a more clear grasp on just what I want to share with you, the reader.

For me, the Guru philosophy has always been about turning inward to better understand the human experience. I believe that as you process your own emotions, patterns and thoughts you open yourself up to be more present in your days and helpful to loved ones and strangers. I believe that everyone’s journey is personal and unique but that we can all learn so much from each others’ experiences. And so I share. And I invite you to do the same.

The types of subjects that I write about won’t change much from what I have been sharing in the last year, it just might go a bit deeper. The nutrition portion of the blog will be less prominent but I will always sprinkle a little of it in our posts. Here is a layout of what to expect weekly from GMG.

  • Monday Mantra. As always.
  • Wednesday’s structure will vary but expect content related to wellness, prayer, meditation, and self love.
  • Friday Digs. A roundup of favorite wellness tools from throughout the week.

Today I leave you with this. A couple of questions to start your day.

What am I grateful for? Am I aligned with love? How can I do better?

I am so looking forward to continuing on this journey with you. Please feel free to comment or email with any questions.