Giving Up in 2018

First things first, it’s 2018, happy New Year!

In the third year of GMG I’ll be laying out more content, guided meditations, and tools for self-connection. I am so grateful for your readership and happy to share this next year of growth with you.

I know it’s New Year’s and not lent, but as I look into 2018, my resolutions aren’t to add more to my to-do list, instead it’s to give things up—especially when it comes to self-talk.

Over 10 years ago I went to see a physic. Since then I’ve come to realize that I don’t quite like putting that type of expectation onto my future, but in any case I was there. She went through explanations of my past, predicted my love-life, and gave me insight into what my life might look like in 10 years.

Out of everything, she was most excited to tell me about me career. Wide-eyed and with a smile she told me that I’d have an interesting career that would allow me to share my passion with the world. I should have been more excited about this as it had always been my goal to share my passion through writing, but, do you know what my question for her was? It wasn’t about success or overall fulfillment. Instead, I asked, “will people like me?”

Looking back at that now, I can’t help but roll my eyes at that younger me. Really? She’s telling me that I will be able to share my passion with people and my first response is, will they like me?

Though I’ve come a long way since then, people pleasing has long been one of my greatest challenges. As so many empaths do, I put my own care on hold for the care of others. I am still happy to care for others and will always do so, but one thing I won’t be doing is pleasing someone else in spite of what I know I need for myself.

This year, I’m giving up. I’m giving up projecting my own insecurities onto other people. I’m giving up the search for acceptance. I’m giving up these three questions:

  • Do they like me?
  • Am I pleasing them?
  • Do they approve of me?

Throughout the year I’ll keep you posted on this intention and what I learn along the way. I’d love to hear what you will you be giving up this year.

Have a happy & healthy week. Talk to you on Friday for a different version of Digs. Here’s to your 2018.