Winter Wellness Beauty Staples

Just over a year ago I resolved to cut out as many toxins from daily routine as possible – this included food, cleaning supplies, and beauty products. I am by no means perfect at this, but since then I’ve come to count on some healthy favorites that make me feel better about the products I interact with daily. Just as I laid out my winter wellness kitchen staples last month, today I thought I’d share my holistic approach to wellness in my beauty routine this winter.

This natural lip balm. And a lip scrub made with Vitamin E oil and coconut sugar.

Castor oil for longer lashes and bushy eyebrows. (I swear by this, a little swipe every night.)

Lotion has by far been my greatest challenge in removing toxins from my beauty routine – mostly because toxin-free lotion is so expensive and I use it so frequently. Right now I rotate between a few different products in hopes that they will all last longer (disillusion). In my rotation right now is this, this, and this.

This foundation. This bronzer. This highlighter.

This deodorant, which is expensive, but lasts a long time and works great.

Everything oil. And this fragrance.

For a healthy moon month.

A less toxic beauty routine is definitely an investment and I sacrifice other parts of my budget to be able to take care of my body in this way. What are your favorite ways to invest in your own health and wellness?