The Most Fun Detox You’ll Ever Do

January is usually considered “detox” month, but as the seasons begin to change in the west I find myself craving another healthy restart. The thing about a detox is that it doesn’t have to be a life altering challenge. I’ve found that when I make these few adjustments to my weekly habits for a week or two, I quickly notice a decrease in inflammation and cravings and an increase in energy.  This sustainable detox focuses on small changes while continuing life as usual. Give it a try if you are looking for an almost-spring restart.

See Ya Later Bread

I have found that I need to ease myself into a detox- I can’t go from 0 to 100 in one day. Instead of cutting out carbs completely I cut out bread (almost). My body needs carbs in the morning so during my detox weeks I still have a piece of gluten free toast for breakfast. I find that if I stick to the gluten free bread, I don’t get bloated or sluggish from sugar spikes in my bloodstream.

My detox rule for carbs is to keep them on the healthy side (complex) and limit the bulk of my carb eating to the morning and afternoon.

Skip the Dairy

No, not forever (unless you’re vegan,) just for a few weeks while you give your digestive system a break.

Processed is Not Part of the Process

This is pretty easy for a detox rule, just make the bulk of what you eat whole foods. Chances are if you are feeling the need for a detox, you’ve probably been indulging in processed foods a lot beforehand. Cutting out processed foods all together may be tough, but limiting them will be a good way to get your habits back on track and your insides feeling lovely again.

Detox Mocktail

I always cut the booze when I need a restart. My favorite treat for the nights that I am going wine-free is a fruit filled glass with sparkling water, a tiny squeeze of honey and crushed rosemary.

1 Favorite Drink

No total juice cleanse needed, just pick one of your favorite healthy drinks (water, kombucha, green juice, lemon water,) and drink it daily. If you already do this, then rest easy in the fact that you are already 1 step ahead of the game!

1 Daily Action

Move. Easy. Just make sure to move with intention for at least 30 minutes each day.

Eat Chocolate

Detox means you cut the sugar mostly, but any sustainable habit will include a treat or two. Enjoy it.

This is not brain science yet sometimes all you need is another person to lay it out for you. To me this detox is super fun. It gets me back in the produce isle and out of the restaurants and chip bags.

The best thing about this detox is that it’s simply a list of healthy lifestyle habits that you can use as your healthy compass; if you get off track, just hit this for a few days and you’ll be feeling good again in no time. As always, be fierce with your commitment but easy with yourself, too.

Here’s to your detox!