Friday Digs Without “Things”

I love to curate my Friday Digs list every week, but this week I wanted to put a new twist on it.

Instead of creating a list filled with things to buy, I thought that this week’s list would be less materialistic and more information based. No money needed, just enjoy.

It’s Friday Digs!

Are you applying your face oil correctly?

A lesson in breathwork that’s perfect for the internal focus I’ve been feeling lately.

Favorite recipe for a sweet treat, (when I make these for my husband and his colleagues they call them “hippie cookies”.) And, a new recipe to try.

A playlist for weekend self-connection.

Check-in on your 2017 horoscope, how’s it panning out? What’s in store for fall?

A new kriya for a new season.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!