Friday Digs Roundup 2

If you’ve been following along on instagram you already know, I had a very special week with my mom while she was in town. She left last night and though the drive away from the airport was hard, it was sweetened a bit knowing that my little sister comes to town this weekend. Here’s to visiting family! I hope you had a great week.

It’s Friday Digs.

This song will be on repeat all weekend.

For a long time I was strictly loyal to Burt’s Bees traditional lip balm, even though despite my regular use my lips were always chapped. I accidentally bought this flavor a few weeks ago and now I have a new favorite. The coconut oil is subtle and hasn’t irritated my lips at all. I’ve been (almost) chap free since using.

Good Vibes Kombucha. This brand only uses fruit to sweeten their brew and I can’t get enough of it—especially now that I have a Good Vibes glass jar for refills, (thanks Mom). Even if you can’t get this brand of kombucha by you, I suggest you try to find a local brewer who doesn’t add extra sweeteners, it’s just so good on its own.

The best tea if you’re feeling under the weather.

Farm fresh arugula. I had become more than used to arugula bought in a plastic bag from the grocery store. Over the weekend I bought fresh, local, organic arugula from the farmer’s market and was reminded how much better produce is when you buy it directly from the farmer (duh). The arugula was so flavorful and spicy that I’ve been eating it on its own sans dressing or toppings.

I’ve been very into this natural deodorant lately.

Maggie Rogers radio on Spotify has been the perfect soundtrack for my yoga practice.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!