Friday Digs: No Money Part 2

After another busy week I find myself craving simplicity, quiet, and renewal, which inspired the second round of Friday Digs without anything that involves spending money or acquiring new things.

It’s Friday Digs.

Three ways I am resetting this weekend

  • An evening walk under the moon. Real evening, I mean dark, past 10pm, to soak up the lunar light and enjoy a little cool air and solitude.
  • A morning without my laptop, tv screen, or podcasts. Just a mug, a blanket, and a journal.
  • One day without sugar. No honey, no condiments, no processed food. One day is easy—little planning, little commitment, and a break for my system.

A different kind of digital detox

This week I did a few small things that’s helped me spend my time better while browsing the small screen.

  • Unfollow. You know that account you’ve followed forever but aren’t quite in love with anymore? The one that has pretty pictures but not much else? Or that one that—even if slightly—nudges at your jealousy nerve? Unfollow. You’ve thought about it for a while, just do it. Per a friend’s suggestion I cut the amount of people I follow on instagram in half and it has helped me find more joy while scrolling.
  • Release the pressure. I can roll my eyes at myself as I write this, but in the modern social world that we live in, we have to release the pressure we put on ourselves to post. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it.
  • Backseat driving. Test yourself, can you do it? I’ve gotten in the habit of putting my entire purse in the backseat so I’m not tempted to scroll while at a red light or stuck in traffic.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!