Friday Digs

Oh baby, it’s Friday! I’ve got a busy final work day today but I’ve got an extra pep in my step knowing a relaxing weekend is right around the corner. I plan on getting some much needed time outside along with indulging in a lot of self care.

But first… it’s Friday Digs!

This and this.

This Instagram account. And this post in particular that provided a good laugh this week.

Whole Foods pickup. Free, curbside pickup—it’s so easy and a super helpful timesaver. Surprisingly, I spend less than I do when I actually go into the store because I’m not distracted by clever displays.

Speaking of display distractions—I fell for one last weekend while I was in Whole Foods… but I’m so glad I did. I’ve finally learned what a sumo orange is and I can’t believe I haven’t known about them until now.

On my spring wardrobe list.

This, this, and this for baby’s bookshelf.

Lesson of the week:

Everything is figureoutable. 

Marie Forleo

Have a happy & healthy weekend!