Friday Digs

Happy Friday, to you! It just hit me that I have just about 4 1/2 weeks left until my due date—phew! With that in mind, we’ll be making the most out of this weekend. Lots of cooking, spending quality time with one another, and of course puppy time outside.

But first… it’s Friday Digs!

Everything yellow. From a girl who usually wants everything all black or all white, I can’t seem to get enough yellow. Inspo here, here, and here.

Can’t wait to try these.

Have my eye on these.

And for the little one.

Browsing the “your look” section on Nordstrom’s app.

(Apparently I’ve been in quite the shopping mood this week!I chalk it up to sparking my creativity…and being ready to wear normal clothes again.)


Daydreams. Just daydreams. Because—well—they can get a bad wrap for being unrealistic, but I’m feeling the need to be a little less hard on myself so I am quite alright with embracing frequent daydreams.

Lesson of the week:

The people around me are not my competition. They’re my inspiration and reminders of what I’m capable of. 

Lesson of the week #2:

It’s okay to be gentle with yourself.

Lesson of the week #3:

All you have to do to show your love is give a person your full attention.

Have a happy & healthy week!