Friday Digs

Happy Friday, all! It was a busy week but somehow I’m still going into Friday with lots of energy. Looking forward to a weekend balanced with friend time and cleaning time (can you say nesting?!)

But first… it’s Friday Digs!

Loving the gorgeous aesthetic of these wraps—and the layettes. I ear the wraps work great, too. Can’t wait to try.

The NY Times crossword. Can’t get enough of these—especially the daily mini board that’s on their app—been doing them every day.

This super informative insta account.

This show when I want something light and easy to watch.

This for pretty graphics made easy.

This class for any expecting mamas. (Done it twice already this week.)

This super hydrating tinted moisturizer, it’s perfect for my winter skin.

Lesson of the week: 

Stop holding onto negative stories in your head. Let it go to feed your soul with healing. 

I’ll share more about the lesson this weekend over on instagram, be sure to follow along if you’re interested.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!