Friday Digs

Ah — how I’ve missed Friday Digs! It’s been amazing to hear from you all since last Friday’s post, your celebration, kindness, and words of encouragement are so meaningful to me.

So I haven’t been on the tidying up train, but this weekend I’ve got my goals set on a little pre-spring cleaning (nesting)! Plus, I’m looking forward to some writing, cooking, and of course—quality pup time.

But first.. it’s Friday Digs.

This website that catalogs quality brands and products that are meant to be purchased once—and used for life.

This sweatshirt and perfect reminder. 

Can’t wait to bake this over the weekend.

For glowing winter skin.

Scarves, scrunchies, bandanas, and bows in my hair… can’t get enough these days.

You’ve seen me share it before, but I’m sharing again because #WalkthroughWednesday Season 2 is out and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve got one of these on my 2019 investment list.

This Spotify station.

Lesson of the week:

Wherever you are, someone else wishes they were there. Instead of focusing on what’s lacking, be grateful for any and all progress and allow that to propel you forward.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!