Friday Digs

Phew! It’s been a long (fun!) couple of weekends of travel. This weekend we’ll be enjoying some home time and prepping for next weekend’s visit to LA. (Let me know if you have recommendations!)

But first… it’s Friday Digs.

Sleep. Not kidding. I really dig sleep this week (and all weeks).

This non-toxic foundation. They’ve got a great tool for identifying your shade.

I don’t love one-time-use products or sugar-added oatmeal, but when in a pinch this travel-sized oatmeal is delish.

This perfect dress for the cooler weather. It’s warm, oh-so-comfy and still leaves me feeling polished and styled.

If you’re heading to Portland anytime soon you have to check this place out. It’s no secret to anyone who’s visited the area but holy hell was it fun to browse. They literally have to write down directions to get to the section you’re looking for, but oh my is it a book lover’s dream.

Lesson of the week:

What some may consider a failure,

could actually be a sign that what you’re doing is your soul’s mission,

and is not based on societal norms or “shoulds”.

(More to come on this later.) 

Have a happy & healthy weekend!