Friday Digs

Happy Friday, all! This short week felt long but even so I feel a peaceful energy washing over. I love this time of year—the summer weather is still among us, but the excitement of fall and all that comes with it is just close enough to grasp. However busy this fall may feel, I’m celebrating this in-between moment with gratitude for the seasons—past and future.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

This speaker.

And this.

For face, body, clothes, and everything in between.

Cran-apple juice with water. Yes, it’d be better not to intake sugar this way but man has it tasted good lately.

For allergy season.

Grapes from the farmers market—they’re oh-so-good right now.

Lesson of the week:

It’s not so serious. 

Language is powerful, but only if we recog

Have a happy & healthy weekend!