Friday digs

Happy Friday! I am happy to be spending a rare summer weekend with my husband, (he’s away for work 90% of the summer). Here’s to Friday Digs!

Facials. I got my first facial last weekend and I am hooked. I am going to make it a semi-regular self-care routine for myself. I’ve got my eye on this for at-home facials too.

This for any Wes Anderson fan.

It’s long, but if you are an Ayurveda enthusiast like me, this video from Dr. Vasant Lad is worth your time. It’s a dream of mine to study with him one day.

The cutest instagram account.

I’ve got this on my wish list for lounging around the house during the summer months.

The perfect popcorn recipe. A friend of mine shared the secret to perfectly cooked stovetop popcorn. In your pot, add butter. Pour kernels, enough to almost cover the bottom—but not fully cover. Heat up the butter and popcorn at the same time, that’s the trick that keeps the butter from burning while popcorn cooks. Pop on medium heat until done. Add your favorite toppings.

This online yoga package. She’s my favorite.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!