Friday Digs

Happy summer solstice! Summer is my favorite time of year and I love using this change of seasons to take inventory on what matters most to me and how my actions are aligned with those values. This weekend I’ll be taking a hike with the pup, prepping for company next week, doing a few fun diy projects around the house, and most importantly—breathing with intention.

But first, it’s Friday Digs!

This candle in this sent.

The meditation, “I am not my past, I am not future,” a reminder that only one thing is real and that’s what’s right in front of your face.

The prettiest throw pillows.

If you do anything on this list, watch this— it’s super interesting.

This perfect comb for feathery lashes.

Next read.

(Also, the picture of Nola I chose for today’s photo because I mean—cuteness!)

Lesson of the week:

Try to find failure five times a month,

it will take the fear out of it and one of those times,

you might actually succeed. 

Have a happy & healthy weekend!