Friday Digs

Hey hey, Friday! Happy weekend to you! I sincerely hope you have the sweetest, happiest weekend filled with all of your favorite things.

And in celebration of Mother’s Day, a big shoutout to the woman who always makes me feel love, cared for, and worthy. And who taught me the foundations of mindfulness my whole life. I love you Mom.

But now, it’s Friday Digs!

I thought this was going to be kind of silly but was recommended it by a friend and it was so good.

The easiest oatmeal ever — equal parts oats and almond milk soaked overnight with added cinnamon and strawberries in the morning.

This bag for farmer’s market Saturdays.

Was gifted this book last weekend by my very dear friend, it’s an obvious “yes” but it’s even better than I thought it’d be. I love being able have bite size pieces of mindfulness that I can sit and reflect on. Plus, the book is just so pretty!

Got my eye on this, inspired by this post—now I just have to find a place to put it.


Lesson of the week:

Self-doubt will get you nowhere,

so do yourself a favor and drop that shit. 

Have a happy & heathy weekend!