Friday Digs

I’ve said it before—but I’m not sure I’ve ever meant it more—HAPPY Friday! This week was filled with some low points, met with some very high points and if nothing else it was a reminder to me to stay in the moment, experience, and trust. After a busy week I am looking forward to a weekend spent with my husband and my pup celebrating, nothing in particular, just celebrating life. My wish is for you to do the same… with a easeful smile on your face.

But first, it’s Friday Digs 

Another non-toxic beauty staple that I’ve been loving.

Likely not non-toxic, but these beauties caught my eye and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Big on my wish list right now.

When I don’t make my own, this has been my go to. And it’s made the best blueberry smoothies for me all week long.

So excited to search these out at Whole Foods this weekend.

Friends & family. Yes, I really really dig them.

Lesson of the week: 

I rest with faith. 

Have a happy & healthy weekend!