Friday Digs

Happy Friday! If you’ve been following along on insta, you’ve seen that I’ve been on a “quality time” kick this week. I’ve been consciously aware of how I spend my time, and more importantly how I allow myself to spend my time by removing guilt and expectation and instead just experiencing where I am or what I’m doing without the constant nag of “should.”


You know what? After two days of consciously celebrating my moments—as mundane or as fun as they may be—I’ve actually felt a huge difference. I’ve had more energy, felt lighter, and  have had quite the fun last few days. (And yes, they were all days filled mostly with work, but they were still fun because I was mindfully pushing guilt and escapism through scrolling on my phone aside.)

In any case, I am continuing my intention of quality time through the weekend and am looking forward to time with my husband, exercise in the sun, and a long afternoon of reading.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

For brightening up a blank space by my bedside. (I was inspired by these dreamy prints, but they were quite a bit more than I was willing to spend… right now at least.)

This post. And really, her whole account is wonderful.

Best smoothie ever: frozen blueberries, almond milk, vanilla bean, fresh parsley, vanilla protein powder. So, good. I’ll share a photo this weekend.

Browsing all the closet candy here.

An energizing listen from a favorite.

This show for kitchen inspiration.


Release the guilt.

Spend quality time.

My intention is to experience. 

Have a happy & healthy weekend!